It’s OK to Hate Your Morning Routine

Sometimes changing your habits feels like torture. Is this normal?

Why are we so resistant to change?

Resisting a bad habit is HARD

Doughnuts are obviously God’s most sacred creations. Glazed, cream-filled, frosted, in hole form — it doesn’t matter how you eat them. What matters is that it turns out you actually can’t stop eating them.

Small changes work — and they don’t have to happen all at once

Comfort comes after sacrifice

Everyone’s talking about “self care” these days. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that more of my friends are taking time to relax and tend to their personal needs. People my age are stressed and frustrated and under pressure basically every moment of every day. We very much need to chill.

  • Not everyone is mentally, physically, or emotionally capable of doing this on their own, however. If you know a certain behavior isn’t good for you but you can’t motivate yourself to change — and it’s causing you harm — ask for professional help. There is no shame in this. Professionals can help you develop strategies that promote positive change.
  • No one else can change your rituals and habits for you, though. You are completely on your own when it comes to the action steps. In other words: You are responsible for using the strategies a professional might have helped you develop in your day-to-day life.
  • Self-care doesn’t always mean closing yourself off from the real world and doing things that make you comfortable. Is it one hundred percent okay to spend a Friday night alone in your bathtub listening to relaxing music and talking to your cat? YES. But sometimes taking care of yourself also means working out when you’d rather not, getting up early when you don’t want to, and eating a breakfast sandwich instead of a doughnut.
  • Just because it’s worked for you before doesn’t mean it has to keep working that way forever. A routine stops being beneficial when you stop questioning why you’re doing it. The more you switch things up, the easier it will become to find motivation in the small tasks you complete every single day.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Project Stardust, a fem-led website and community that celebrates underrepresented voices in the Star Wars universe and fandom.

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